Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder

If you feel that you have extreme mood swings, from the nadir of depression to the high of an intense euphoria, it’s possible that you have bipolar disorder. Many who have this disorder seem fine for the most part, right until their mood shifts one way or the other. If your changes in mood have made it difficult to function in your life, if they’ve taken a negative toll on your relationships, work, and so forth, you can get help. Here at Sal Psychiatry, we offer personalized treatment for bipolar disorder. It is possible to lead a life that’s as healthy as it is happy.

Bipolar Symptoms

Those suffering from bipolar disorder can whipsaw between depression and mania. While in a depressive state, a bipolar person could feel constantly fatigued, restless, they may have digestive issues, and even sleep too little or too much. Additionally, they may be constantly pessimistic, sad, anxious, all while feeling hopeless, even guilty, or suicidal. 

While in a state of mania, a bipolar person may feel good about their increased energy and boosted self-confidence, but they may also be impulsive, leading to poor decisions, extreme agitation, and thoughts that won’t stop racing. Even if the mania feels “good,” this instability can be a real challenge for your family, friends, colleagues, and so forth. If you exhibit many of these symptoms, it’s worth it to reach out for help.

How Therapy Can Help

Therapy has been proven to help those with bipolar disorder. In one-on-one sessions with an experienced therapist here at Sal Psychiatry, we’ll work not just on the symptoms of your bipolar disorder, but on the underlying causes. Through these sessions, we’ll help you change how you view a particular situation as well as to change how you react to the situation as well. That way, you can develop the adaptive thinking skills that will enable you to be able to better manage being bipolar moving forward.

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Medical Management Therapy

Many who come to Sal Psychiatry for help with being bipolar have co-occurring disorders, such as ADHD, depression, addiction (to drugs, alcohol, and the like) as well as anxiety disorders and others. Indeed, we offer “dual diagnosis” treatment, which can treat addiction as well as mental health struggles simultaneously. To that end, we also offer “medical management” treatment. With this, our experienced staff will make sure that you’re taking the proper medications in the proper amounts for your treatment. That way, your progress isn’t inhibited by any side effects, none of your conditions are worsened by medication, and so forth.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

An effective treatment for Major Depressive Disorder as well as treatment-resistant depression, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) utilizes magnetic waves to stimulate the parts of the brain associated with depression. At Sal Psychiatry, our professionals can provide this safe treatment in a comfortable, secure clinical setting. Moreover, they have the experience to be able to use TMS in such a way that doesn’t set a bipolar patient into a manic episode. TMS is not a “first-option” treatment. Rather, it’s one to be turned to when other treatments have failed to achieve lasting results. When you contact us, we can determine whether or not TMS will be right for you.

Bipolar Treatment for Your Needs

There is no “cure” for bipolar disorder as it is a lifelong condition. But, you can receive help for it. You can feel relief. We can put together a treatment plan using any or all of the treatments above to treat your bipolar condition. To see how we can help, you can message us through our site or give us a call.